Medhya Story

Passion for Health, Food, and Life!

Medhya’s story began in early 1980’s when Dr. Pawan Bansal started development of his own Ayurveda formulations customized to the needs of his patient base. These formulations have been further refined and firmed with the results, feedback, and success stories from a wide patient base across the world.

With decades of experience, Medhya is introducing a line of health foods that go beyond the synthetic supplements leading to much higher efficacy and long term health results.

Medhya recipes are traditional and time-tested formulas  based on the ancient Ayurvedic principle of “Samyoga” – science of selecting and combining ingredients in the proportions yielding highest safety, synergy, and efficacy.

Medhya Inspiration - Ayurveda

Balance and Inner Peace!

Medhya’s existence and its source of inspiration comes from the core principle of Ayurveda – “BALANCE”.

In Ayurveda physical, mental, and spiritual well being is defined as a perfect state of harmony and dynamic integration of our internal and external systems. Balance is what we strive to achieve in our day to day lives to get the best out of ourselves on personal and professional fronts.

Four key principles guide the action of Medhya products:

  • Relax and nurture mental faculties
  • Flush toxins (Ama) out of the system
  • Nourish the body and provide sustained energy 
  • Balance the digestive system (Agni)

Food is its natural and whole form constitutes the most balanced nutritional capacity and highest bioavailability of nutrients. This marks guiding the principle of Medhya’s formulations that are 100% natural, free of chemicals, and wholesome in nature.

Medhya Founders

Dr. Pawan Bansal Founder Medhya
Dr. Pawan Bansal
Ayurveda Acharya
For past 4 decades Dr. Pawan Bansal has observed, researched, and cured chronic health conditions such as Psoriasis, Asthma, Gastritis, Piles, and Arthritis with purely natural remedies. Dr. Bansal started development of customised Ayurvedic formulations for his varied patient base. Medhya brings to life his experience to heal and to strengthen physical and mental acumen with Ayurvedic principles. Dr. Bansal is an accredited Ayurvedic practitioner in India. His motto - Live and enjoy life!!
Nidhi Bansal
INSEAD MBA, IIT Delhi Chemical Engineering
Nidhi’s belief in Ayurvedic lifestyle began in childhood when she made a near escape from chronic Asthmatic condition following natural Ayurvedic remedies. Later when she traveled across the world, she experienced multiple cultures and their practices for a good state of health. Nidhi’s passion for a holistic lifestyle was reignited when she researched on up keeping good health of her family and observed excellent results with Ayurvedic principles on physical outlook, mental alertness, and body's strength. And hence began her journey with Medhya. Nidhi is currently steering Medhya’s operations in Singapore.

Medhya Holistic Health Approach

Active Body & Mind powered by wholesome nutrition!

Creative Mind

Creativity in every form opens the door to change, to learning, and most importantly to LIFE. The sole source of creativity is a healthy and relaxed mind!

Wholesome Nutrition

A well balanced diet constituting food in its most natural form leads to highest and easiest absorption of nutrients and hence wholesome nutrition.

Active Lifestyle

Physical activity is the key to good health, longer lifespan, and a relaxed mind. It is a venue to unwind and to get the most out of your physical and mental self.

Social wellbeing

We are social animals and relationships are the gateway to our self-esteem, our confidence, and mental peace. Nurture them with quality time!