Ayurveda Treatment of Chronic Conditions, Medhya Founder
For nearly 4 decades Dr. Pawan Bansal has observed, researched, and cured with Ayurveda. Dr. Bansal is a graduate in Ayurveda Medical Sciences from Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak in India. Since early 80s, he has been developing customised Ayurveda formulations for his varied patient base across the world. Dr. Bansal specializes in treatment of chronic health conditions such as Psoriasis, Asthma, Gastritis, Piles, and Arthritis with purely natural remedies.
Medhya brings to life his experience to heal and to strengthen physical and mental acumen with Ayurvedic principles. Dr. Bansal is an accredited practitioner in Ambala City, Haryana. His motto – Live and enjoy life!!
Management of Diabetes and Modern Lifestyle Health Disorders with Ayurveda
Dr. Archana is an Ayurveda expert with specialisation in treatment of modern lifestyle health disorders through naturopathy. She has completed graduation and post-graduation in Ayurvedic Medical Sciences.

Dr. Archana has studied and practiced the applicability of the Panchkarma in treating diseases. She has specialized in Kayachikitsa, with concentration on Diagnosis & Management of lifestyle diseases such as joint problems, gastric irritations, scalp & hair issues etc. Dr. Archana has successfully handled multiple cases of Type II Diabetes Mellitus with suitable medications and diet control.

Nutritionist & Fitness Expert
Tanuja Sodhi is an ex-Naval officer from the first batch of lady officers in the Indian Navy. As a nutritionist, she provides customized diet plans based on the person’s life-style issues. Driven by her practical experience of taking group classes in her own fitness studio, she advises her clients on various aspects of fitness from the point of establishing what form of exercises are suitable for her clients based on their lifestyles and physical conditioning, up to the stage of designing fitness schedules for them.

Tanuja has authored “Parenting in the Age of McDonald’s”, a ready reckoner for parents while dealing with children through their growing years. She regularly conducts corporate workshops and is a motivational speaker. She is an avid marathoner and has run numerous full and half marathons, and one Ultra marathon. She has been a podium finisher in numerous races and was adjudged The Runner of the Year 2012 (Winner) and the Runner of the Year 2013 (Runner up) in NCR. She has also dabbled with Olympic Distance triathlons in recent years and regularly participates in commando style obstacle races.

Health & Laughter Yoga Coach
Laughter Yoga or Hasyayoga is a beautiful technique to happily wind off modern lifestyle’s stress! A certified Laughter Yoga and Hatha Yoga expert, Varuna believes in the healing powers of holistic wellness. She has been bringing positive changes in the state of mind & body of people by helping them incorporate the right methodologies and train them towards a healthy lifestyle.

Varuna is a Master’s in Advertising & Public Relations and has successfully led teams and Marketing Communications Campaigns for multiple organizations for over a decade prior to her current stint as a Yogiprenuer.

Dietitian and Nutrition Expert
As a diet counselor and a lifestyle coach, Kainat inculcates, in her clientele, the culture of choosing healthier nutritional alternatives, a regime of exercise and meditation, and a practice of strict distance from negativity!

Kainat is a qualified dietitian and a certified sports nutritionist. She has acquired post graduate diploma in dietetics & applied nutrition. Further in nutrition and diet management, Kainat's areas of specialization include fat loss, ketogenic diets, fitness nutrition, and therapeutic diets.

As a sports nutritionist, Kainat has successfully helped manage the dietary regime of personnel with high level of physical activities. As a diet counselor, she has charted holistic dietary plans and helped clients manage the same despite their busy schedules.